Filing a Wheel Theft Claim

To file a wheel theft claim, please submit the following:

1. Police report

2. Turn in sealed key

3. Photos of wheel stud


Please submit within 24 hrs filing police report

In the event that your wheels and tires are stolen with the Rimlox wheel locks installed, you may file a claim to receive a replacement set of wheels and tires only. When filing a claim for your wheels being stolen you must submit the following things within 24hrs of discovering your wheels being stolen. Failure to submit the information listed below within 24hrs will result in your claim to be deemed automatically VOID.
Once all information has been received and reviewed, Rimlox will order new wheels and tires to replace the ones stolen. Rimlox will not issue any form of payment via: company check, cashier check, money order or cash. Any and all wheel and tire submitted will be replaced with the same wheels and tires or wheel and tires of equal value. (Please allow time to have wheels manufactured, painted etc. if needed and shipped to your location.)
1. Full police report, (your name and report number in the subject line.) (email to: (upload police report here)
2. Photos of all 4 wheel discs (upload photos here)
3. Turn in your sealed key. (ship key to: Rimlox address etc)
Only the registered owner of the vehicle may submit a wheel theft claim to Rimlox Inc.

NOTE: If wheel theft claim has been determined to be fraud, Rimlox will forward all information provided to the local law enforcement agency in your area where fraud charges will be filed. Any false, misleading or incorrect information intentionally being provided on this page that cannot be verified or confirmed will result in any and all inquiries, forms, guarantees, warranties and wheel theft claims to be deem automatically VOID. (i.e. invalid email(s) or incorrect phone number(s) (877-555-1234, or emails etc). Click here for more info.


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