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Rimlox Promo Code Program. This program is the first step in receiving your very own promo code to give to anyone wanting to protect their wheels and tires. This promo code is entered in the pricing inquiry section/page, and will automatically be applied to the person entering your promo code. Any discount being offered on a new set of 100% guaranteed wheel locks from Rimlox must have a promo code entered. Rimlox has also implemented this promo code program to serve as a tracking system on all referrals of friends and family etc. By having your very own promo code to issue to anyone with nice wheels and tires, you will be rewarded $20 for ALL referrals who enter your promo code and purchase new set of wheel locks from Rimlox. All rewards will be paid once a month via VISA debit card or money orderPlease fill out the form below and receive your very own promo code to share with your family and friends or anyone with nice factory or aftermarket wheels. Rimlox will reward you every time anyone uses your promo code to purchase a set of wheel locks to protect their factory or aftermarket wheels.Simply fill out the blanks below and we will send you an email response with your very own promo code.
(any and all information provided below remains with Rimlox Inc and will not be sold, given out or used in any other way except for issuing you your promo code.)


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