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When it comes to time to purchase wheel locks for your factory or aftermarket wheels, you obviously would like the best wheel locks on the market to protect them. With so many wheel locks on the market it has been proven to be a very difficult to find out which wheel lock is the best wheel lock out there. To figure out the difference from one wheel locks protection to the next, requires some form of research online or contacting your local wheel and tire shop for their recommendation on the best wheel lock to protect your factor or aftermarket wheels. You spent your hard earned money on your wheels and you definitely do NOT want them stolen.

Rimlox has done the work for you. We are providing you with quick and basic information regarding the difference between our wheel locks and all of the competitors wheel locks. We will show the difference on how they function and protect your wheels. With most if not all wheel lock companies selling and manufacturing the similar wheel lock designs; Rimlox will be refer to the 2 most popular wheel locks companies currently selling factory and aftermarket wheel locks. Gorilla wheel locks, with its main focus on aftermarket wheels and McGard wheel locks mainly focusing on the factory / OEM wheel lock protection. The comparisons of the two companies listed below are not in anyway aimed to disrespect or insult their product(s). This comparison is to display the factual comparison with regards to the overall functionality being provided by: Gorilla, McGard and Rimlox wheel locking lug nut product(s).


Gorilla Locks
Rimlox Locks
McGard Locks
100% Guarantee
Unlimited Patterns
Hidden Wheel Lock
Sealed Keys
Lifetime Warranty
Nationwide Key Ship
Exact Matching Lug Nuts
Online Key Purchase
Master/Extra Keys


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