The Guarantee

Rimlox Inc. is the first and only wheel lock manufacturer in the world to stand behind its products by placing an unprecedented 100% guarantee to protect your factory and aftermarket wheels.


The name submitted on the guarantee form is entitled to a new set of
in the event their wheels and tires are stolen
with the rimlox wheel locking system properly installed.

The Rimlox 100% Guarantee:


If your wheels and tires are stolen with Rimlox wheel locks properly installed…

Rimlox will buy you a new set of wheels and tires to replace the ones stolen.


To participate in the Rimlox 100% Guarantee your wheel locks will be shipped directly to you, a Rimlox authorized dealer, or a wheel shop of your choice that you feel comfortable installing your wheel locks. Your wheel locks must be installed by one of the aforementioned to verify when your locks were installed and that your locks were properly installed. Failure to have your wheel locks installed by a third party wheel shop will automatically VOID the 100% Guarantee. (no exceptions).

You may install your own wheel locks, however, you will NOT be covered or receive the 100% Guarantee. By installing your own wheel locks, Rimlox cannot verify the actual installation nor if they were properly installed etc. Upon completing your registration, you will receive a certificate of guarantee from Rimlox via email. You MUST have the 100% Guaranteed certificate from Rimlox Inc. for any wheel theft claim in the future. Without the 100% Guaranteed certificate issued by Rimlox, you will not receive a new set of wheels or tires if they are stolen.

Once your wheel locks are properly installed, you MUST register your wheel locks by visiting and fill in all blanks to finalize your guarantee. All Rimlox customers must register online, failure to register online within 24hrs of installation, or have your wheel locks installed by an authorized Rimlox  dealer or third party wheel shop will result in your 100% guarantee to be deemed automatically VOID, until they are registered. There will also be a $100 late registration fee if you fail to complete your registration.

If there are any discrepancies within the registration form, they can be changed/updated when you are contacted by a Rimlox customer service representative.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding our 100% Guarantee, please refer to our Guarantee FAQ’s link



As of July 1, 2016, you MUST be in possession of the Rimlox Certificate of Guarantee prior to filing any wheel theft claims guarantee or warranty claims being submitted to Rimlox.

Without this Certificate, all wheel theft claims and warranties will be deemed automatically VOID.

You will receive your certificate via email within 24-48hrs once the information you have provided on your registration has been verified and confirmed.

NOTE: There will be a $100 late registration fee if wheel locks are NOT registered within 24hr of installation.

Your registration will not be accepted until the $100 is paid in full.


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