The Solution

Considering the increasing number of wheel thefts worldwide each year, you would think that someone would come up with a better “mouse trap” to protect factory and aftermarket wheels from being stolen… The solution is finally here and there is no other alternative needed. Rimlox Incorporated is making the best protection for your wheels and tires. No need to worry about quality, no need to worry about dependability, and no need to worry about your factory or aftermarket wheels anymore. The Rimlox special locking lug and key patterns are one of a kind lug nut that can only be removed and installed with the correct key. Even if you have the same year, make, model and wheels as someone else, Rimlox wheel locks are custom made to your individual vehicle and are wheel specifications. Unlike other wheel locks on the market, that all have a “one size fits all” design, Rimlox wheel locks are tailored to fit your specific vehicle and your specific wheels.

The Rimlox wheel locking system is the 1st and only wheel locking system specifically designed and manufactured to protect your factory and aftermarket wheels.




Throughout the conversation, a Rimlox customer service representative  reminded the customer that Rimlox Inc. do not guarantee vehicles that are stolen. The customer has been informed in the past that there have been vehicles stolen with the Rimlox wheel locks installed on them. In ever case of vehicles being stolen, vehicles were recovered by police with the wheels still on the vehicle(s).
The customer eventually was contacted by police with unpleasant news regarding her brand new Cadillac Escalde. The police notified the customer and told her almost everthing was stolen from the vehicle…except the wheels. The customer was a little confused and replied to the officer…you mean the wheels and tires were stolen and everything else was still there?
The officer further stated…No ma’ am, your wheels and tires are still on your vehicle. The officer also stated that in 28yrs of law enforcement, he has NEVER seen all four wheels remain on the vehicle and the rest of the vehicle totally stripped. The customer stated she purchased Rimlox and has never worried about her wheels. She also stated she never thought her vehicle would be stripped to the bone as well. She is very glad she purchased Rimlox.
–Gayle M. (Los Angeles, CA)

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