Key Re-seal

The purpose of sealing and re-sealing your key is to maintain your 100% guarantee. Without this process in place, there are not checks and balances to the verify the 100% guarantee. Through many years of research and development, Rimlox has came to the conclusion that the only way to remove this one of a kind wheel lock is with the correct installation and customer key. With the key being sealed, Rimlox has the ability to verify that the customer key was not used to remove the wheels on your vehicle. This protects the customer from anyone/Rimlox from saying the customer stole their own wheels. In the event that you need to open your key to perform maintenance for your wheel(s) etc.,

Open your key and use it. Once you or the wheel shop has completed the maintenance on your wheels, you have the option to ship your key to Rimlox to have it re-sealed for free or you may opt to keep it un-sealed and not ship it back to Rimlox to have it re-sealed. Once your key has been opened, your guarantee is VOID and remains void until your key is re-sealed. Your Rimlox key MUST be sealed prior to any and all wheel theft claims submitted to Rimlox and local law enforcement agency. If your key is not sealed on the date and the time of you filing your wheel theft claim to Rimlox or local law enforcement agency, it will be deemed VOID. However, if your key is sealed at the time of the report submitted to Rimlox, Rimlox will buy you a new set of wheels and tires to replace the ones stolen.

Please fill out form below and upload tracking number. You may take of photo of your tracking number and upload. Must be readable.


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