Filing a False Theft Claim

Submitting and filing a false police report for “stolen” wheels to Rimlox Inc..

will result in guaranteed prosecution!

Rimlox Incorporated has designed the 1st and ONLY wheel locking system in the world to protect factory and aftermarket wheels. We are here to Serve and Protect Your Wheels with our 100% Guaranteed wheel locking system. We will stand behind our product and will replace your wheels and tires in the event they are stolen with our wheel locks properly installed.

With this in mind, for those wanting to file a false report of wheel theft, Rimlox will forward all information submitted regarding any and all wheel theft claims to your local law enforcement agency and file charges of fraud. Rimlox will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if it is found that anyone is trying to commit fraud by claiming their wheels have been stolen, when in all reality, they weren’t and they were trying to take advantage of our wheel theft replacement program to acquire a new set of free wheels and tires. We have procedures and strict policies in place with regards to our wheel lock installation and warranties to protect both parties

This 100% RIMLOX Guarantee is here to protect your wheels and for you to enjoy your wheels that you have worked hard to purchase and NOT for those whom seek an opportunity to try and get a new set of wheels and tires. Rimlox Incorporated will vigorously and immediately contact your local police or sheriff department and turn over any and all information that you have provided to Rimlox regarding your wheel theft claim. We will NOT prosecute anyone with a legitimate wheel theft claim, only those deemed or investigated as a clear case of fraud. Charges will be brought up those who attempt fraud and prosecution will be followed. Please do not try to commit fraud with our company…just like our products are guaranteed…prosecution is guaranteed.
NOTE: Any false, misleading or incorrect information intentionally being provided on this page that cannot be verified or confirmed will result in any and all inquiries, forms, guarantees, warranties and wheel theft claims to be deem automatically VOID.
i.e. invalid email(s) or incorrect phone number(s) (877-555-1234, or emails etc).


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