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With so many wheel lock keys available these days, anyone can purchase wheel lock keys through wheel shops, online stores and on the streets, Rimlox has changed the game when it comes to key availability. Rimlox only manufactures 2 keys per wheel lock set. (all key codes are kept on file indefinite). There are no master keys or extra keys for anyone to have order or have access to. Rimlox does have the ability to pull the key code and manufacture another key if needed. Without the correct key, the wheel locks cannot be removed. However, if you were to lose your key, you will be able to use the “installation key/extra key” to remove your locks. Once one of the two keys are lost, the Guarantee is automatically deemed VOID and you must purchase another set if you would like to have the 100% Guarantee. Rimlox cannot and will not guarantee the protection of wheels when there is a key missing. Whoever loses the key (Rimlox, the authorized dealer or the customer), they are responsible for purchasing a new set of wheel locks to continue with the 100% guarantee.

The installation key is a one-piece key used to install the wheel locks identified with a red label. This key is not sealed due to the initial installation of the wheel lock(s). Match the key with the wheel locks, hand tighten until it can no longer be hand tightened, then torque to Factory/OEM specs for that particular vehicle. Once installation is complete, the installation key is either kept and locked up by that wheel shop or shipped back to Rimlox for safe keeping. If the dealer does not wish to keep the installation key at their shop, they must ship it to Rimlox within 24hrs. Rimlox must receive the tracking number within this time frame or wheels remain  VOID and not guaranteed.

The customer key is a two-part key that is designed to keep the wheel thief access to your wheel lock key. The two parts of the customer key consists of :

1. The key ring
2. The shaft.

The key ring (Black box, blue label) is the main piece in this two part key system. It is sealed and placed in a black box with a key ring that can be attached to your car keys. When you leave your vehicle, your wheel lock key remains with you 24/7. If a wheel thief were to break into your vehicle, they will not be able to use or find your wheel lock key because it will be with you! No more having to leave your wheel lock key in your…glove box, center console or a “hidden compartment”.


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