This form is to record the basic information regarding your vehicle, wheel locks installation and the Rimlox 100% guarantee.
The name on this registration form is entitled to a new set of WHEELS and TIRES in the event their wheels are stolen with the rimlox wheel locking system properly installed.

Please fill out all of the blanks on the registration form and submit. You and Rimlox will receive an email with all of the installation information you have provided to reference at a later date. Please be sure to enter your correct information where it pertains to you..the customer information and NOT the information of the dealer unless otherwise denoted. Any information entered that is not related to you and your registration will automatically be deemed VOID. You Must have YOUR correct customer name, phone number etc. You will be contacted via phone, text or email to confirm that all information submitted is correct. If Rimlox cannot contact you with the information you have provided, your guarantee will remain VOID until you have correctly registered your information.

If you install your own wheel locks or elect to forgo the 100% guarantee, your 100% Guarantee and warranties will be deemed automatically VOID and will remain VOID until you completed the registration and have received your certificate of guarantee from Rimlox.

NOTE: Any false, misleading or incorrect information intentionally being provided on this page that cannot be verified or confirmed will result in any and all inquiries, forms, guarantees, warranties and wheel theft claims to be deem automatically VOID.
i.e. invalid email(s) or incorrect phone number(s) (877-555-1234, or emails etc).


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